Seminary brings LDS students to class early each morning

For junior Taylor Harris and sophomore Clara McClain, school starts a lot earlier than the average time.

Early Morning Seminary is a church class for high school students from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There are two 45-minute classes that take place each morning for LDS high school students to learn more about their Gospel.

“I like to start my day off right,” Harris said. He says he gets to learn more about the Gospel and understand the teachings of the scriptures more in depth.

McClain agrees that seminary is a great way to learn more about the Gospel.

She said that it is basically in-depth scripture learning of all of the things that she has grown up learning.

However, seminary is not something that can just be added into a busy schedule.

Many students have to give up one thing or another to be able to participate in the early morning church class and Harris and McClain are no different.

Harris said because seminary is before school starts he has to give up sleep and a good breakfast because he already has to wake up early.

“I can’t watch as much Netflix because I have to go to bed early so I get some sleep in,” McClain said.

Although there are some things that have to be given up to go to seminary, these two students say it is worth it, and they feel they need it in their lives.

“I wouldn’t be able to start each day off feeling the spirit, and my days wouldn’t be starting off in the way they should,” Harris said.

McClain agrees that seminary is a great way to begin the day and that it keeps her spiritually minded.

“It would be a lot harder for me to keep up my own standards if I didn’t have seminary every day,” she said.

To both of them seminary is a great spiritual motivator, but it is more than just that.

Harris said that at seminary he really likes all of the youth, and that sometimes his teacher brings treats and plays games, which helps to make the learning more fun and easier to understand.

In seminary the students try to memorize certain excerpts of scripture, according to McClain, and her favorite part is when they play games to help her learn and memorize.

Harris and McClain said they are glad that they are offered the opportunity to attend early morning seminary and enhance their knowledge of their Gospel.