Pink hair and PhDs


Katrine Meyer speaks out about stereotypes

With pink hair, multiple facial and ear piercings, and size ¾ gauged ears, freshman Katrine Meyer is not afraid of expressing herself with her appearance.

“Well I try to express myself as much as I can in a healthy way without rebelling,” Meyer said. “Of course with the look it brings stereotypes.”

Meyer has heard a lot of criticism for her looks, not just from peers but also adults who tell her she will not amount to much in life.

“They expect less from me because of how I look,” Meyer said. “I always wanted to [Prove those people wrong]. I’m in a trigonometry class, and I’m a freshman so I feel pretty proud of myself for that. And I would like to get myself into calculous next year.”

Meyer’s goal is to go to college at Full Sail University in Florida and get a PHD to specialize in paranoid type schizophrenia. Having struggled through treatment previously she would like to help people with similar situations such as those she has overcome.

She believes that by staying honest through life, you can help anyone stay happy, even through the hardest times.

“If you are trying to hide something you are doing, it’s probably not the right thing to do. Always do the right thing because it makes life a lot easier.”