Most students hear pep band at sporting events throughout the year, but rarely do they see what happens after the buzzer rings and the fans go home


For junior drum major Paige Peterson, the fun atmosphere and crazy antics the band fosters is one of her favorite memories.


“Once after a game I ended up having a cupcake fight with junior Terryn Premo. One of us, I don’t remember who, had frosting on our hand, and we wiped it on the other’s nose and it escalated quickly,” Peterson said.


Flying frosting, catapulting cake, and several whirling wrappers later the duo created quite a mess in the band room, according to Peterson.


“Mr. Kellogg wasn’t there so that’s probably the only reason we’re still alive,” she said.


Even after having to clean up everything, Peterson says she’d do it again without hesitation, but with a few modifications.  


“If we ever did it again with the whole band we would have to do it outside.”