Junior believes her destiny is to care for children

At a young age, junior Sarah Adams faced problems at home. Her father left, and her mother faced problems with money, resulting in her being gone long hours day and night to keep up with bills and necessities that the family of three needed. She said that her older sister raised her for awhile during her childhood, and throughout the years, she felt as though she didn’t have anyone there for her.


When Adams began high school she found a passion in helping children younger than her who are going through similar situations. Seven months ago she got a job at The Next Best Thing,  a day care located downtown.


“Just in the time that I’ve worked there, I’ve met so many kids that I share experiences with,” Adams said. “Some of these kids have been where I was when I was young. And all I want to do is show them that there is someone there for them, through it all.”


Because of her interest in helping young children, she decided that she wants to go into the medical field as a clinical psychologist and help those who are going through difficult times like she did.


“I want to go to the University of Great Falls to start out, and later move on to a different college,” Adams said. “And this job that I have right now is getting me ready for my future career. It’s helped me realize that I can handle whatever situation is thrown at me. I’m really interested in this career.”


She said that she is nervous about leaving for college when the time comes because she has formed relationships with all of the children that she watches.


“When I think about college, it’s not the schooling that makes me nervous,” Adams said. “It’s the fact that I’ll have to leave these kids behind. I feel like I’m meant to take care of them. There’s a reason that I found this job and these kids.”