Sitting down with coffee cake and music from Mozart

A word to describe someone who likes “a lot of different things that don’t necessarily make sense together”.

For example, wearing girly dresses and being a black belt at the same time.


That word to describe her personality is quirky, according to junior Kelsay Jensen. Jensen is a girl of many trades and hobbies.

She is a busy girl who right now has a very music-centered life.


“Next week I’m going on choir tour to Seattle, and that’s pretty chill. And then in about a month or so I will be going on orchestra tour and district music festival is coming up,” Jensen said.


In her free time, she enjoys baking cookies, cake, coffee cake, and other delicious treats for her friends at school. Jensen, even though busy, is someone who likes to give to others.


“It make me happy to share things I love with other people.”