Junior starts the day off right with enjoyable class

Chloe Geary, Hannah Pate, Mackenzie George, Staff Writers and Editor In Chief

Junior Michael Mickelsen decided that he wanted to learn to cook so he would be able to eat good food in college. He signed up for 7 a.m. Culinary Arts, offered by teacher Pam Dougherty. Although he’s only spent a few months in the class, Mickelsen said he has already seen an improvement in his cooking skills.
“I’ve learned that the more I cook, the faster I cook, and the better it tends to taste,” he explained.
Most class time is spent in the kitchen, Mickelsen said, but students also learn about nutrition and different measurement techniques and are tested on these subjects.
“None of [the tests] are really hard, but that’s if you take the notes,” Mickelsen said. “If you don’t, I can imagine them being a little difficult.”
Mickelsen’s favorite recipe is the scones the class made earlier in the year.
“The nice thing about the scones we make are that you can change the mix-ins you use to get different flavors,” Mickelsen said about the versatility of the treats. “Like using blueberries instead of chocolate chips.
“You can also make different glazes,” he added.
He has repeated the recipe at home for his family. But Mickelsen enjoys sharing the kitchen with his classmates.
“The nice thing about cooking in Culinary is you cook in groups, so it’s a lot more fun,” he said. “I have noticed that the relationship you have with your partners definitely affects the way you cook.”