CMR Student expresses her desire to perfect the art of photography


Mary Brown, Staff Writer

The variety of classes at CMR give every student an opportunity to learn about something they enjoy, but some classes have only one level. Molly DeMarco, a junior, made the decision to go further in photography.

After learning many skills in the photography class she took last year, DeMarco was interested in digging deeper and focusing more on one aspect of photography. She decided that she wanted to perfect the art of taking portraits with a film camera.

Much to her surprise, she didn’t get to use the same type of camera she used last year. It has been a learning curve to try to figure out how to use the camera.

Working with film versus digital pictures is very different, according to DeMarco. “It’s not like you can just delete the picture and take another,” DeMarco said.

Currently she is waiting on a set of pictures she took where she put paint on her subject. Unlike digital photography, she has to wait for the film to develop. Also differing from current photography, one never knows if the photo will turn out correctly.

Film is developed through a chemical process in a dark room.