Paget enjoys music programs at CMR

JJ Slater , Staff Writer

Combloux, France is a small town made up of only 2000 people, including foreign exchange student Gauthier Paget.

Paget has been playing the drums for five to six years and enrolled into band when he arrived in Montana. He says he was surprised by the drum line and the importance of music, it was refreshing.

There is a large difference between French and U.S. schools when it comes to choirs, orchestras, and bands. Paget says that the majority of extracurricular classes, like shop, culinary classes and music programs, are not available to take in school. They must be taken out of school by individual tutors.

“All music is done out of school, with lessons. We have performances and I play with a harmonie megeve, a symphony,” Paget said.