CMR has own Herbie


Kendra Hix

Libby Carlson’s Volkswagen Bug is soon to be one of the many cars that spend long days sitting in the parking lots of CMR. She is a junior and her parents will finally be allowing her to get her license this coming January.

This is not her first Volkswagen though.

“When I was little I swore it was going to be my first car,” Carlson said about her love of VW Bugs.

Once when Carlson was much younger her father bought her a hot pink 1967 bug that she loved but he unfortunately had to sell. It. He rescued himself from doom by buying her a used 2003 VW Bug from Great Falls Toyota for her 17th birthday. She loves it because it is fun and unique, like her.

One of her favorite things about the car is that it’s cute but not too bright so it’s not as noticeable as the hot pink Bug before it, Carlson said. And it has quite the need for speed.

“It’s fast, like really fast,” Carlson said.

Carlson named the car Herbie after the Volkswagen Bug in Herbie Fully Loaded.

Herbie, will have to grow a taste for The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and some other 80s music once she begins to drive.

One of her biggest fears about driving the VW is that it is a noticeable car, whether she likes it or not and people might criticize her driving skills, she said.