1995 GMC Sonoma reveals itself as “tough”


Senior Cody Toner had little to say about his car besides one word: tough.

Toner drives a red 1995 GMC Sonoma, though, it wasn’t his first choice vehicle. Cody’s parents originally were the owners of an ’88 Ford Ranger. However, the Ford caught fire during a routine check-up in Toner’s driveway.

Although the fire department was dispatched quickly, the Ford not only bit the dust, but rather turned into dust.

Even with it not being his first choice, Toner still loves his truck.

“I like to go mudding a lot, and I’ve had some really good memories,” Toner said.

One particular instance that came to mind was when his Sonoma pulled out a friend’s Chevrolet Cavalier, and actually bent the frame on the Cavalier.

No matter how much he may like his truck, Toner looks forward to when his father gets a new truck, so that he can inherit his dad’s.