Straight A’s land student a Mercedes


Erika Vosberg, Guest Writer

Sophomore Bridger Scholten has a record for receiving straight A’s since entering high school.

The big payoff for his hard work? A 2012 black Mercedes c300.

“There is a DVD player, so I can watch a movie when I’m not driving,” Scholten said.

“I got it because it’s safe,” he said. His family has owned seven Mercedes, so he said it makes sense that it is the car his parents bought for him. 

 In addition to safety features, a Mercedes is packed with a lot of special advantages.

“I can tell it to pick songs,” Scholten said. “And it has a navigation system to tell me where to go.”

All the fancy features that a Mercedes comes with didn’t give him much help when he got into an accident on his way to Ulm late last fall.

“The accident happened between [CMR] and home. I was pretty sad because I only had the car for 10 days,” Scholten said.

He said that insurance replaced his car.

The thing Scholten said he especially loves about his car is that he has freedom and doesn’t need to wait for any more rides.