“I hit an orthopedic surgeon’s car”


Due to an accident that wrecked his car, junior Kameron Grooms now has a project on his hands.

“I couldn’t see out of my passenger window, and I hit an orthopedic surgeon’ car,” Grooms said.

His new project is a half ton Chevy Silverado that his mom’s boyfriend gave to him.

There are many things wrong with this fixer upper, he explains. The vacuum hoses are split, the carbonator isn’t sealed, dashboard is off, the heater is broken, and lastly, it has a coolant leak.

“I needed a vehicle,” Grooms said.

CMR’s automotive class has given him the opportunity to finish the project.

“This class has immensely helped me by [teaching me] the knowledge and the systems of vehicles and automatic systems,” Grooms said.  

Although classes at CMR offer many types of learning opportunities, the automotive class gives students more ability to practice real life skills, according to Grooms.

“[It’s] definitely more hands on. I’m going to use this class more than trigonometry.”