Childhood connection leads to college decision

Kerrigan Edwards, Editor in Chief

Baylor University is a private Baptist university in Waco, TX., and it has been calling senior David Mitchell’s name since he was a child. Mitchell plans to go to Baylor University to major in economics and hopes to one day go to law school. Mitchell chose economics because of his AP economics teacher, Brian Halverson. 


“I really enjoyed not having to give a concrete answer for every single thing that I was asked,” Mitchell said. 


In addition to economics, another class stood out to the senior.


 “I liked my calculus class. That was good. Mr. Skaer [is] a good teacher, and it doesn’t just feel like you’re doing these problems in there for whatever reason,” he said. “So it feels like you’re getting something out of the class.”


Mitchell has kept a high GPA throughout his high school career and is attending the Baptist university on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Another scholarship that Mitchell believes he should have been eligible for provided for a difficult obstacle to face.


 “Because my dad is in the military and I moved around so much, there was a scholarship called the Montana University System Honors Scholarship, which pays full tuition to any school in Montana. And I haven’t lived here for three years,” Mitchell said. 


This is the reason that the senior finalized his out-of-state decision. 


“I talked to Ms. Lowry about it, and she told me if I was able to apply for it, I would’ve gotten it. 

That’s what kind of forced me out of state, and then I had to make a decision between LSU and Baylor recently, because those two were my most affordable options.”