Guillermo Chiyah


To attend a high school just like in movies is a dream come true for foreign exchange student Guillermo Chiyah.

To Chiyah the transition from his home country is completely different, but in a good way. Chiyah said that his high school in Spain is completely different, including the lockers and hallways. Although it might feel like two different worlds that doesn’t stop him from enjoying coming to school and meeting new friends. While figuring out this new world he said he is getting help from teachers and friends.


“Teachers understand that you are new here,” he said.

Chiyah had several places he could have chosen from to be a foreign exchange student, at including England and Ireland, but in the end he chose America.


Chiyah said he chose to come to America not only because he has been learning the English language since kindergarten, but because compared to other countries America’s high schools are supposed to be just like in the movies. And according to Chiyah they are.


“The food at the high school is very…,” he said while making a disgusted face.

High school lasts only seven hours, and that leaves Chiyah with six hours of time to get the full American experience, including eating cheeseburgers, hot dogs with chili, and French fries. Chiyah said he also likes to spend his free time listening to music, playing games with his host’s dad, and playing with his host’s dogs.