Mitchell begins third year as CMR officer

Kristi Gange, Staff Writer

When picturing a police officer walking down the halls of your school, “approachable” isn’t the word that comes to most people’s minds. But that is exactly how Detective Jason Mitchell would like the students of CMR to think of him.

“Sometimes people can’t look past the badge and the gun and see the person,” Mitchell said.

After eight years on duty with the Great Falls Police Department, Mitchell was promoted to the position of the School Resource Officer at CMR.

He has been in this position for two years and plans to stay until promoted to a better position or possibly until retirement.

Mitchell’s main goal for this year is to provide a safe environment for students to get an education.

He would also like to minimize theft and drug abuse occurring at CMR. With two kids of his own in the public school system, Mitchell treats the students of CMR the way he would want his children’s SRO to treat them.

Mitchell said he helps the faculty and students of CMR in any way he can.

“The key word in the name is resource.”