New teachers, staff join Rustlers in 2010

Kristi Gange, Lindsey Buck and Stephanie Davis, Staff Writers

Daniel Rediske is the new teacher in the science department this year. Rediske went to Capital High School in Helena, and graduated in 2001. He attended MSU Bozeman for his post-high school education, where he received a Broadfield Science Secondary Education Degree. Rediske now teaches foundation of science classes in Room 322. He said he is excited to “motivate students to careers in science”.

Phil Schatzka is a C.S.C.T. counselor who is beginning his first year working at CMR. He is the school’s new therapist. Originally from Havre, Schatzka has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Montana State University. He said he is excited about meeting new people and students in this upcoming school year.

Tim Willey is a familiar face at CMR. He is teaching sophomore and junior English this year. Last year, he took a leave of absence in order to spend more time with his family. Willey has a son that returned from Afghanistan last year, and he also has a daughter who is finishing her last year of college. Her husband is being deployed to Texas. Willey is spending more time with his family, and he has also been writing a novel with English teacher Scott Clapp. When asked what he was looking forward to, he said, “I’m trying to think of something I’m not excited about.”

First time teacher Brittany Deffinbaugh is one of the many new teachers CMR is welcoming this year. She received a math degree from Montana Tech in Butte and will be teaching Algebra I and Algebra Prep. Deffinbaugh, who graduated from Great Falls High in 2005, said she is excited to learn about CMR’S traditions this year.

A 1972 CMR graduate, Vickie McMickle has returned to the school for the role of teaching this year. McMickle earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree with a special education endorsement and will be teaching collaborative English and one collaborative Government class. She is looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and the positive environment. “The school spirit is unbelievable.”

Joseph May, a student teacher for choir director Barbara Swaby, is from Great Falls. He will be helping Swaby teach choir classes this fall. During the morning he will be working as a student teacher at East Middle school. May is currently studying at Montana State University, and he will graduate and get his degree in December. May said he is looking forward to working with high school students for the first time.

Levi Johnsonwill be student teaching with Brad Packer and Kerry Zanto. He will be assisting with intermediate Algebra, Geometry, and Math Literature.

John Muriis student teaching with Paula Olsen in the P.E. and health department.

Other new staff include: Chris Evans, drama; Lisa Frank, Spanish; Charelle Beatty, Native American to home coordinator; Abby Chubulek, CSCT; Lisa Foscue, CSCT