First Entry: Metal Music

Corey Allen

Okay let’s start with the fact that I love metal music. I’ve come out of the closet, secret revealed. To those who know me, this is no grand revelation. I’m a metal head.

Now stop. Before you give off a scoff of disapproval, click the red “X” or genuinely lose interest. Hear me out.

I’m not asking you to like metal music or run down the hallways of your school with a blood curdling bellow, before launching yourself into a crowd of innocents in a slobbering, moshing, frenzy. (Though it would be completely hilarious).

Know that I’m versatile. I listen to anything from country, to rap, to pop, to electronica, to black metal, to whatever they call that Beiber kid’s music.

 I’d like to tackle some misconceptions and clear up some of the grey area that surrounds metal music.

First off – Metal is not Satanist, or evil.

It is not the Adolf Hitler of music, but rather the ill perceived Cinderella of the music scene. (Metal Music > Cinderella). Not all metal is screaming out hate lyrics. Metal is a genre that truly engages the listener and evokes a clear emotional response.

Second off – There are lyrics in metal music.

Many metal bands don’t always scream. Some bands combine screaming and clean vocals. Almost all songs have lyrics. Many metal bands are extremely good writers. Most people don’t even give them a chance. I’ve taken the time to separate some of these out.


Bands with Clean Vocals –

–          Metallica

–          Black Sabbath

–          Avenged Sevenfold

–          Korn

–          Five Finger Death Punch

–          Disturbed

Bands with Both –

–          A Day To Remember

–          Bullet for my Valentine

–          As I lay Dying

–          All that Remains

Bands with Screaming Vocals –

–          Parkway Drive

–          Lamb of God

–          Children of Bodom

–          Whitechapel




Third off – Respect the talent.

One thing, as a practicing musician and avid guitarist that truly gets to me is the fact that most of the “hit music” nowadays requires much less talent.


Metal music is pure, raw talent. Electrifying guitar riffs mold together with thundering double bass drum beats. It takes a huge amount of talent.


 Even if you don’t like the music, at least respect the talent. I know many metal musicians, and their talent blows me away every time.


And to close, I strongly encourage you to at least try it out, and educate yourself before you completely disapprove of metal music. You never know, you may find a new favorite music genre, if the glass slipper fits.