While annoying, resolutions can be helpful

Resolution [rez-uh-loo-shuhn] means “a resolve or determination.” With every New Year comes the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone makes their resolutions to accomplish some important personal goal. It’s a fresh reminder; call it… a sticky note for your thinking box. People go into the New Year bound and determined to keep their resolutions.

A full year of not eating at McDonald’s, working out to lose weight, be a nicer person, quit that dead end job, stop playing “Dungeons and Dragons” in your underwear, convince Megan Fox of your undying love and make her your bride. Most of us start the New Year with these goals hanging directly in the forefront of our minds, determined to make them happen. For roughly two weeks, MAYBE three. Why?

People suck. We do! We can’t even focus on a few rough goals for more than a few weeks! Most people forget or give up after a few weeks simply because it’s too hard.

My favorite thing about the whole ordeal is how people rationalize with themselves. “Well, I could stop eating McDonald’s… but starving kids in Africa don’t have McDonald’s… It… It wouldn’t be fair to them if I didn’t eat McDonald’s! I could go to the gym, but the dang athlete’s foot would get me, and the only thing scarier than that is the John Madden “tenactin” commercials. Clearly, Rosie Huntington is FAR more attractive than Megan Fox. I deserve better.” 

People are simply ridiculous! The entire idea of New Year’s resolutions is stupid because it’s very rare that we as human being ACTUALLY follow through. It’s deplorable.

That being said, I make numerous resolutions every year anyways, with the understanding that most won’t happen. I usually type up a word document on my computer with a bunch of various resolutions, and try to get a pretty good average. This year I hit on 13/23. I got over half! I was pretty proud.

As foolish as making resolutions with the expectation to accomplish them is, I believe it is an entirely essential and necessary tradition of the New Year. People NEED goals, and if they accomplish them, it’s fantastic. If they don’t, at least they made an effort. (Even if it was entirely insignificant and pathetic.)

 So people, don’t ever stop making resolutions, and don’t ever think you’re too good for them, because it’s good to look back at the last year and feel like you’ve accomplished something or, you can look forward to the upcoming year with the INTENTION of accomplishing something. More than a “resolve or determination,” it’s a “visualization of reaching potential” and something for people to at least acknowledge room for improvement.

Believe me, as humankind’s No. 1 hater, I admit people have a LOT of room for improvement. This year, my resolution is to get into college and “get the girl.” Those are my two big ones.

What are yours? Think about it and get back to me. Let me know just how you’re going to fail THIS year.