Ridin’ Solo

Beth Stanley, Website Editor

It happens every time I go to the nail salon, the dentist, or I’m talking to my grandparents on the phone; that inevitable question, “So do you have a boyfriend yet?” the answer has been the same for the past 17 years, “Nope, not yet.” The response: a deep sigh followed by “Well why not?”

I’ll tell you why, because I am perfectly fine with being single in high school. All too often teen girls buy into the notion that in order to be happy you must have a man at your side. Romantic comedies, love songs, mushy novels, these are the culprits for the teen girls obsession with finding their “knight in shining armor.”

 I will admit that I love these movies and often find myself longing for Mr. Right to sweep me off my feet after watching them. But then I snap back into the reality that I am only 17, and dating at my age is just meant to be a fun learning experience rather than a lifelong commitment. There is nothing wrong with dating; it can be fun and provide you with great stories and experiences for later down the road. It’s when dating is taken too seriously and becomes an obsession…….

So anyone sitting at home alone this Valentine’s Day feeling sorry for yourself, this one’s for you! The top five reasons it’s OK to be single during high school.

5. You can focus on your future- Without the distractions of a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can spend time doing things to get ready for your future.

4. More time for friends and family- High school is all about making new friends; oftentimes boyfriends/ girlfriends take up a lot of our time.  Though you may try to include your friends in things you do, it often becomes difficult to balance the two. And don’t forget about family time! I know, I know, it sounds so lame. Well think of it this way, you only have four years (if that) left with your parents. After high school you will have tons of time to be with your friends, but for now enjoy those comfy movie nights at home.

3. No Drama- relationships can create a lot of drama when they’re taken too seriously. You are too young to be worrying about relationship drama. There is already enough on your plate.

2. Free to date more- One of the major misconceptions about high school dating is that if you date around, you are a “player.” There is nothing wrong with dating as long as you are smart about it. Going on casual dinner dates teaches you how to act when you are on dates in the future and will make you more comfortable in those situations. Take a chance on people. You have nothing to lose and you might find out you are perfect for each other. If not, no harm no foul!

1. More Money- Let’s face it, being in a relationship is expensive and in high school our minimum wage jobs make it difficult to keep up.

No worries, being single is not going to last forever, you will find someone. Oftentimes it is when you least expect it to happen. So for now sit back, relax and enjoy your high school years.