This Blog is the Bomb

Corey Allen, Stampede Reporter

This blog is the BOMB.

Not literally, don’t quote me on that. Honestly, you never know what it’ll lead to.

I could be sitting at home watching “Jersey Shore” eating some sloppy tacos, sipping on some Mtn Dew enjoying a normal taco Tuesday, until BAM! A flash bang grenade goes off to my left. Then I’d jump up, scream like a school girl and get a friendly dose of pepper spray to the face by some sweaty SWAT dude. Then he’d do their signature ninja takedown, cuff me, and take me to jail for bomb conspiracy.

Ok, so this week I have a fairly unique opportunity in the realm of content selection. In fact my topic fell directly into my lap a few weeks ago.

Joshua Hoggan is the stout blonde-headed quiet kid I decided to sit by in my science class on my first day of 7th grade at Roy Junior High School in Roy, Utah. We often had political conversations and we got along pretty well. Both of us didn’t necessarily fit in, or honestly care to fit in at all. Neither of us were too concerned with what other people thought of us. We were content being us. That’s what I liked about Josh, that’s why I got along fairly well with him. We remained friendly acquaintances throughout junior high, up until I moved up here to the not-so-Great Falls of Montana in 2008.

So what makes Josh the subject of this blog?

Revenge on the World.

This is what makes Josh a complete stranger to me. That’s his reasoning for what he did. The kid I used to know is going to be tried as an adult for possessing, displaying, attempting to use, soliciting the use of, or conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.

That quiet, blonde, tubby kid was planning to be an evil genius, not a great politician as he once told me. Not George Washington, more like Doctor Evil, Lex Luther, or my personal favorite, Kite Man! (From Batman, true story, look it up.)

The kid was smart. Think Hannibal Lector from “Silence of the Lambs.” He was cold, calculating, intelligent, and not just smart.

So! You’d think it would be fairly expected that he’d be calculating a master bomb plot to blow up the high school that contains many of my very close friends. Right?

No. Are you kidding me?

I went on vacation in Utah the week following Josh and his equivalent of the evil “Robin, the boy wonder”; Dallin Morgan’s arrest. Not one person who went to school with either of them expected anything.

It’s clear now that their “master plan” was to blow up as many kids as they could during a school celebration assembly, then hijack an airplane at the nearby airport and fly to a country that wouldn’t expedite them. They had maps of the school, with the camera’s blind spots, they had the materials to make the explosives, and they had logged hundreds of hours on a professional flight simulation program.

All I could think was “Wow, I can’t go four laps on “Forza 4” without wiping out.” These kids planned on stealing a plane.

It kinda hits home when you’re close to the people involved. I’m not talking Josh, we weren’t that close. I’m talking about my close friends, the kind of close friends you consider family. They could be six feet under because of two crazy kids and a master plan to blow up the school.

It gets you thinking. Makes you realize that this is reality. Life. The world we live in. Things like this happen, and you never ever know whether or not it’ll be you this time.

You end up thinking “Well… Ok. What?”

At least, that’s what I was thinking.

Sorry for the deep blog content this time guys. Not as much joking around.

I just think that this is an issue that should be thought about.

NOT specifically. I honestly doubt that any of you really care that I knew the kid. If I were reading this, I really wouldn’t care.

But! You guys should honestly look around at the people you THINK you know, and realize that you probably have no idea what goes on in their mind.

Not me though. I’m an angel, nothing but sunshine and daisies in this kid’s head. HA!

Just look around, and sober up to the harsh reality of life, and what could happen. Ya know?

Anyways, keep your eyes peeled guys. There be crazies out there!

Alright, I’m out.