Fighting the Distance

Carloine Perkins, Stampede Reporter

That moment when you see the person of your dreams, your eyes meet and everything seems to be going in slow motion. AKA the Bella and Edward lunch room scene in the first “Twilight” movie. Who can’t resist the idea of those magical moments, well I’m saying resist!  Who ever really meets that way? The cold hard truth is we meet our love at a party or the night after when you do the walk of shame home [we’re all crying with you]  and all you can really say is why the  did I do that, but you’re truthfully thinking the guy was super cute though.

So I’m saying have fun, don’t look for that magical moment and just look for every type of relationship. The one night flings that we convince ourselves to do because maybe he’ll call us tomorrow? But don’t forget about that player who we know is going to break your heart and we just hope he’ll fall in love before the dream-crushing breakup.

Also, let us remember about that smash and dash. P.S. — We can thank the “Jersey Shore” cast for that saying. But the deadliest, most dangerous, the one that will definitely end in a big bad bang is the dreaded long distance relationship – OMG what were we thinking when we came up with this?

As teenagers, when dating all we want is the full package of a relationship. Such as the physical aspects as simple as holding hands, hugging or kissing. Even when we say those expected relationship ‘status symbols’ are just superficial, and the only thing that matters is what our hearts tell us we’re  feeling. We need to stop lying to ourselves because we all want the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty fairy tale ending; kissing our love at the end of the perfectly flawless script. No one wants our man in shining armor to ride up to the tower we’re being held in or the house of the 7 dwarves, to actually only be a mailman with a love letter he’s sending you because he LIVES TOO FAR AWAY to visit.

Although we can say we love someone in a long distance relationship that love doesn’t include the doubt and the distrustful thoughts that run through our minds every time our significant other is in our thoughts. We’ve all gotten that gut feeling that they’re not telling us everything, and in today’s society isn’t trust more important than true love? Even if you are living on the edge and trust that long distance partner, you need to ask yourself where’s the proof that they aren’t messing around with the girl next door? But why worry? We can just Facebook stalk them, right?

In addition let’s not forget about that little problem that’s actually causing a humongous issue: our hormones. If we can’t go on dates or even see our other half, where do those hormones go? Well, there’s a simple answer. While you’re sitting at home for that bf/gf that’s supposed to call you tonight, they are actually following those testy hormones, to the girl with the nicest ‘badonkadonk’ (Thank you, Trace Adkins) or the boy with those killer set of abs. I wonder who’s ending up with the short end of the deal.

                Clearly, then we need to think about the question that comes up frequently: is he cheating on me? The answer is probably yes. I mean unless you’re Pocahontas and your man is sailing on a ship, where there are no women near him.

                Admittedly in every long distance relationship a couple breaks up for two main reasons:  either someone cheated, or they both cheated.

                So generally speaking if a chance at a long distance relationship pops up in your life and you’re considering it, just follow the fool proof 200-mile checklist before saying yes to the question of going out.

ü  Does this significant other have a car?!

ü  Do they live under to 200 miles away….?

ü  Are you two able to be together at least once every two weeks (VERY IMPORTANT)

In final consideration if you checked only one say bye-bye to that boy, but if you check two it’s risky but go for it, and if you had all three definitely say yes.