High fashion faux pas

Katelyn Kempa

Take a normal person. Elevate them to celebrity status. Throw them into the world of high fashion and what do you get?

From the fashion moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Sean Combs to the leave-the-world-speechless Lady Gaga, the always-changing and eccentric ways of high fashion can inspire people or make them ask, “What were they thinking?”

Fashion is a form of art, and is harshly critiqued as such.

A musician expresses thoughts and feelings through chords, notes, and lyrics, a painter through brush strokes.

 A designer uses stiches, fabrics, and patterns to evoke an emotion or idea. Many clothing lines can get grouped into the weird and sometimes disturbing category, but that doesn’t mean they should be set aside, discredited, and forgotten about.

Many of these pieces aren’t meant to be worn by the mom who is raising three kids and working full time, and that’s where the art form gets lost. Some outfits are supposed to be crazy and unconventional, ones that only someone as daring as Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj would consider wearing.

When I watch a high fashion show I laugh at the ridiculousness of many designs, wondering how one person could come up with such insane ideas for clothing. I think it would be fun to design something completely off-the-wall and sell it for 10 times what I paid for it, secretly laughing at the person who just bought a dress made out of paperclips.

Even though I don’t always understand it, I can respect the designers that work hard to produce and create the clothing that is only accepted in the strangely magnificent world of high fashion.