Authentic singers hard to find in 2012

Khiriya Vining

I remember when music was just that, music. I remember when people would passionately use their voices in song to reveal and express themselves. Now it is all about auto-tune and editing every track to make music sound good. Some people have no musical talent at all.

There are many young adults and stars that are getting an easy way to be a superstar — all they have to do is look good, and lip sing even better.

Producers and managers are lacking when it comes to finding people with good vocal ability and talent.

There are many stars who cannot actually sing but they get auto-tuned to make them sound better. Rihanna, Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Cassie are a few that get the easy way to fame. You can hate me for saying so, but it’s true.

Even in a concert it is not authentic. They now have microphones that have auto-tune and they can edit and filter the sound that comes through.

There was a time when people had soul and could deliver passion, pain and happiness through the sound of their voice alone. Adele, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson are a few of the more original artists.

 I understand that everything has to sound good, but they could deliver a wonderful vocal performance without the use of any technology.

 They only need their voices, talent, and passion, which is what real music represents.