Senioritis kicking in hard

Beth Stanley, Website Editor

April has finally come (the month I’ve been waiting for.) Only 45 days until graduation and many exciting events to look forward to. Unfortunately with all the anxiousness that comes with graduation, comes an illness that too many seniors know all too well, Senioritis.

I have been hit hard by this disease, and though it does not get passed through airborne pathogens, it is definitely contagious.

The effects of senioritis can be seen throughout the entire student body. Now that most seniors have picked their school for next year, they feel as though the year is over. Teachers are having a difficult time keeping their students focused, and juniors are becoming anxious to take on the title of “senior.” The illness has hit the school hard even though one and a half months still remain.

Being a senior, and having suffered from senioritis for five months now, I am able to give you some tips on how to push through these next couple weeks with a positive attitude.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that these are the last weeks of our grade school days. It is exciting to begin a new chapter of our lives, but at the same time it is important to make the most out of the end of childhood. We have lived with our parents and had their support for 18 years. In only four short months, most of us will be on our own with no one to do our laundry or make us dinner. Enjoy the time you have left with your family because this is time you will never get back.

Now let’s talk about school work. I know from personal experience that as soon as you get that acceptance letter from your dream school all assignments and school projects get thrown to the wayside. It is so hard to get that motivation to do any work. Think of it this way: when you walk across that stage in June, be proud of your accomplishments. Don’t let this year be dropped off the truck. Finish off strong.