A choice between safety and long boarding


Julia Segebarth, Staff Writer

Crooked grind nollie flip out, varial kick flip, drifting, dancing, long distance pumping, and bombing are all terms Chris Hibbert and his long boarding club have known for years.

“Long boarding is a lot of fun,” club member Patrick Hodges said. “I kind of like to just cruise around.”

Hodges, a freshman, made his long board from scratch, but he isn’t the only one. Rachael Jacobson, a senior, is also taking up the challenge of making a pin-tail long board from scratch for her senior project. Jacobson said she would love to ride it with her club, but Hibbert isn’t allowing his twenty-two members to go outside.

“[I] don’t know if we will ever go out because people won’t wear helmets,” Hibbert said.

It’s hard to get teenagers to wear safety gear, Hibbert said. Most of the members don’t wear helmets when they long board because their confidence in themselves, after two, three, or more years of riding, has never failed them, he said.

“This is the issue with my club,” Hibbert said. “If they didn’t have this club they would be out dinking around.”