Mora applies for City Commission


Joe Wilmoth, Staff Writer


One in 32.

 One team in 32 teams will win the Super Bowl in the NFL. One parent out of 32 will have twins, and Dennis Mora has a one in 32 chance of being accepted into the Great Falls City Commission.

The City Commission is looking for a replacement for the former member, Mary Jolley.

Jolley was a member of the City Commission until she was elected to the Justice of the Peace. The applicant who gets the job will become City Commissioner for a year, and will be eligible to run for the position again. Thirty-two people applied for this job by the deadline, Nov. 30.

“I was born and raised in Great Falls,” said Mora. ”Most of my family is small business owners. I want to try and contribute to them, and to the economy of Great Falls.”

The City Commission is made up of four commissioners and the mayor. Together they deal with the budgets, the contracts, and hand out appropriate money to the winning bid. They have two meetings every other week in the evenings.

“It wouldn’t affect my job too much,” said Mora. “I thought if I get an interview, then maybe I had a chance. I have nothing to lose, and something to gain.”