New “Hour of Code” week at CMR teaches basics of coding, programming to teachers, students

Odd shapes, weird symbols, and new and exciting things. What do all these have in common? Code. Next week at CMR is the Hour of Code, which is a week devoted to giving students the taste of coding and computer programming.

All during the week, interested students can head down to the media center to meet with the media center specialists to get going. If you’re unsure whether you would like to participate, teachers have access to a video entitled “Promote” which highlights the importance of coding, with slides about job outlook and salary information for people in the programming field.

If students would like to try out some tutorials on their own, head to, which contains about 10-20 tutorials on the basics of coding, starting with all coding languages and ability levels.

Throughout the week teachers and students will have access to the media center to be able to start the tutorials, and learn all the basics of coding and programming. If you have any questions, talk to Mrs. Williams in the media center for more information.