From leakage to repair, the attendance office is back in business.

Loud, crazy, and a tad claustrophobic were the words used to describe life in the main office for the attendance aides.

On Dec. 6, a leakage from a water line in the boys upstairs bathroom caused the aides to move from the attendance office to the main office until the leak coming from the ceiling was fixed more than a month later.

“They got to us when they could get to us,” Andrea Carroll, one of the attendance aides, said.

The toughest part of the situation was not knowing whose phone was ringing and not being able to hear what was going on around them.

“It was hard because [the] phones rang and you didn’t know who was getting the call, but it was fun because all [of] us ladies could sit together,” Carroll said.

But after an hour of fixing the pipes and stopping the leaks, they were able to move back into their office.

The attendance office aides were moved back into their office on Jan. 23.

“It feels fabulous, the planets are realigned for the attendance office,” Carroll said.

Before, it was frustrating for them because it was taking a while to get it repaired.

“We did get frustrated. It was frustrating [because] it wasn’t getting fixed, but we’re back in, and I am sure it is a relief to [the] maintenance crew because we aren’t bugging them anymore,” she said.

Being in their normal space which makes the job easier.

“Yes it is much easier, plus I like to see [what’s going on and] I like to see the children again.”