Metge may offer Environmental Science class

Freshman science teacher Murray Metge knows exactly what class he wants to see offered here at CMR: Environmental Science.
“That is my background. A lot of the work I did before I became a teacher was in environmental science,” Metge said. Although he enjoys teaching Foundations of Science, Metge said he is excited by the prospect of sharing the subject for which he has a passion. He earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and range management and a master’s degree in environmental education.
“I love it. Every time I sit down and look at [the curriculum] I get so excited about it. Everything’s led up to this,” Metge explained.
Metge is not yet certain if the class will be offered during the summer or the 2015-2016 school year. Last year was the first attempt at starting this new course, he said, but not enough people signed up. In order to offer it during the school year, Metge said he needs at least 20 students, but only seven students are needed for the summer class.
Students will design, implement, and write up a project about something that has an impact on the community and is a benefit to society. In this aspect, the final part of the class would be a lot like the STEAM research project.
“They get to apply the sciences, all the science they’ve learned, into a problem-solving, research-based project. That’s the exciting thing. That’s why I love it,” Metge said.
He hopes that as soon as the class gets established, interest will increase and more students will join. His excitement just at the possibility of an Environmental Science class is apparent.
Students learn about chemistry, biology, physics, and geology during their time at CMR, and Metge said “environmental science applies [those classes] to our society. Environmental Science to me is the culmination, the expression of all the sciences.”