Counselor Earlene Ostberg retiring


Photo by Leila Collins

Counselor Earlene Ostberg was a sophomore when the doors first opened to CMR.

“It was a brand new beautiful building and people were very excited about starting a new school,” she explains.

And as she prepares to leave CMR at the end of the week and begin her retirement, many memories have come flooding back.

Ostberg’s favorite moments of high school revolved around the teachers she had.

“They brought me to realize that I wanted to become a teacher. The way they helped students really inspired to start teaching,” she said.

Before she started counseling at CMR, she was a consumer science teacher.

“It is a class that you learn life skills,” Ostberg said.

Students would stay with her during lunch and after school and talk to her about things that were happening.

The best part about her job is the relationships that she builds with students.

“I became a counselor because I really liked working with students,” she said. I love being there to help them with their problems and seeing them grow and also learn from their mistakes.”

Ostberg said that as she retires from CMR she has a message for the students and her colleagues.

“I love this place. I will miss my outstanding colleagues. They are wonderful teachers. They really care about students now and in the future. I will truly miss not working with students and teachers. I so enjoy watching students grow and helping them when they struggle. Helpings students academically and emotionally is what life is all about for me. CMR is truly a family. They are there to support us when we need it and encourage us along the way. Thank you to everyone who has made these 22 years the best years of my life.