TakesGun looks back on successful freshman year

Starting the freshman year of high school can be intimidating, but for James TakesGun, there were some highlights.

TakesGun had a crucial role in preparing for Homecoming. In the time it took to create some magnificent floats, it became his favorite part of the entire year.

“The float I helped create actually won, Indian club,” TakesGun said.

Another favorite event TakesGun experienced also occurred during Homecoming. He said the Coronation Assembly was incredibly entertaining.

According to TakesGun, his first year of high school was fun and exciting. He enjoyed being in Native American Club, his grades improved a lot and he also became what he calls “somewhat social.” Currently, TakesGun wants to get more involved in the school.

“My dad is trying to teach me how to play chess, and I’m trying to actually join that next year,” he said.

Speaking of becoming involved in the school, TakesGun also expressed a desire to be considered for  Homecoming king.

His favorite class is English taught by Kasi Thompson.

“It was just more fun, more carefree, less stressful than any of the other classes,” TakesGun said.

Although it can be difficult to comprehend the year has come to a close, there are things about TakesGun’s freshman year that won’t be forgotten. Two of those things, he said, are actually people; his science and English teachers.  Takesgun didn’t need any help in those classes and that’s what made it fun, he added.

His motto?  It is “Strong, single, independent Native American man who don’t need no teachers.”