Setting the stage for “Our Town” Drama department’s first play of the year promises to be a heart-wrencher


Drama teacher Chris Evans has extremely strong feelings about  “Our Town,” the drama department’s first play of the year. And if the director can’t wait to see the production, the rest of the student body should be excited as well.

“In my opinion, it is the greatest American play ever written,” Evans said. “And I won’t apologize for that.”

“Our Town” is set in 1901 in New Hampshire. It is the story of two families — the Webbs and the Gibbses.

“It’s the boy-next-door, girl-next-door situation,” he said. “They grow up together, fall in love.”

He said the last act is the most powerful one he has ever seen.

“Our Town” is “beautifully written. It’s a stop-and-smell-the-roses play,” Evans said.

An interesting feature about the show is that it is done in the round. This means the audience views the production from all four sides instead of being seated only in the auditorium.

“The interesting thing is there is no set,” Evans said. “It’s all tables and chairs. It’s all about the acting.”

Senior Anna Evans has a major role in Our Town.  She plays the Stage Manager, who acts as a narrator throughout the play. Evans said that she delivers facts and provides background information for the audience.

“Our Town” is simple, actor Anna Evans said, but “also has a lot of meaning.” She added that there is a lot of weight behind the words, which helps the play deliver a powerful message.

“It makes you think and realize how precious life is,” Anna said.

According to Anna, the cast has been rehearsing for a couple of months. Now they are fixing lighting and sound and making sure everyone has learned their lines.

With talented performers such as Anna, Kathleen O’Dell, Aiden Evans, Austin Haney, and Ethan Naranjo, “Our Town” is a show that shouldn’t be missed. The play will be performed on Dec. 10-12.  There is also an understudy matinee on Dec. 12 at 2 p.m.

Naranjo said he is excited for the upcoming performance.  He plays Doctor Gibbs, who is the father of George Gibbs.  George Gibbs is one of the main characters in the play “Our Town.”

“I think that the show is going to go great.  As long as everyone is prepared and confident with their lines the show will be one of our best,” Naranjo said.

“Our Town” has even more significance for Chris Evans now than it did when he first directed the play in his 20s. Now that he has kids and many more experiences, the message has a lot more resonance with him, he said.

“It deals with daily life,” he said. “It’s love and marriage, death and eternity.”