Russellog releases its 52nd year book, editor reflects on the year-long creative process

Hannah Pate, Staff Writer

Russellog came out with their long anticipated fifty-second yearbook on May 18. The theme is Out of Line, and yearbook editor Terryn Premo was especially excited about the release.


The planning for this year’s edition started before the school year even began.


“Personally I started getting an idea for what I wanted the book to look like around the end of school last year,” Premo said.


First the staff had to plan what the layout and theme would be, including colors and fonts.


“First we have to plan the theme of the yearbook. We decide what colors, fonts, and overall look that we want the book to have. After that we then choose the overall theme this year it happened to be ‘Out of Line’,” Premo said.


They came to an agreement on the theme late one night at the Yearbook staff’s summer camp.


“We were sitting in the cabin at yearbook camp and it was about 11:30 at night. The other editors and I had been sitting on the floor for hours (since dinner) trying to pick a theme,” Premo said.

That evening, Premo said she was determined to set a final theme.


“I was extremely frustrated but I was not going to go to bed until I came up with the theme. I picked up a sheet of paper with some theme ideas on it and spotted one that I loved. Out of Line. I then proposed the idea to the other editors and they thought it was perfect,” Premo said.


The most challenging aspect of the yearbook was determining what would go on which page, and the general layout for those pages.


“The hardest part about planning this years’ yearbook was creating the ladder. The ladder is the main layout of the pages, in here we choose what we want to go where. We also use this to assign deadlines to each page. This was the hardest part because I had to redo this plan at least 3 times and it is a lot of work,” Premo said.


Despite the taxing effort, there were times where things would work themselves out.


“The easiest part about the book was choosing the colors and style. Once we choose the theme ‘Out of Line’ everything just fell into place,” she said.


The yearbook was long anticipated by both consumers and yearbook staff, and for Premo it was like seeing an idea come to life.


“I had high hopes for the yearbook and pulling ‘my baby’ out of the box for the first time was amazing. I knew that the book was going to be great and this one, when I saw it printed, passed my expectations.”


A limited number of yearbooks are available in Room 326 for $70 a copy.