Road behind Sams Club closes due to gas leak


Elinor VanGilder and Paige McCorkle

On Dec. 19, students of A Lunch saw the closing of 14th Avenue NW, commonly referred to as the road behind Sam’s Club.


“They were digging fiber-optic lines and nipped a gas line,” SRO Nick Taylor said. This gas leak left the road shut down until around 1 p.m., when the line was patched up.


Rumors flew about CMR during the A Lunch period. Students wondered what had happened and if it were truly safe to remain in the school. Teachers suggested using a different route to go out for lunch as opposed to 14th Avenue NW so they wouldn’t risk being injured or getting in the way of the workers.


Taylor said  that there was no danger to students, but the school feared that it might turn into something more. They applied precautions, and although they ended up not being needed, they were still in the best interests of the students.