Graduating class of 2022 plans for success

Zoey Schug, Introduction to Journalism student

     The newly elected sophomore student government for the upcoming year are already working hard for the class of 2022.

     Sophomore president Ashton Blake is striving for an increase in student involvement in the community. Blake plans on creating activities for everyone in the sophomore class.

     “The more engaged you are in your high school experience the more you will get out of it,” Blake said.

     Sophomore vice-president Kairi Lising desires an increase in school spirit. While holding a position in student government, it’s important to make sure you don’t ostracize yourself so you can be a connected and honest person to your peers.

     “School spirit for the win!” Lising said. As a vice president she works to be a middle-ground between the student body and the president.

     Sophomore Secretary Cat Rangel wants to see a change in communication between the “groups” at C. M. Russell High School. She said she wants everyone to be able to find a place and feel welcome within the walls of the school.

     “Communication is key,” Rangel said. Rangel thinks everyone should feel they have a place in our school. Acceptance is very desired in our small community.

      Coming out of freshman year, the class of 2022 is currently in debt and Rangel’s biggest goal is to fix that.