It’s not time to look trashy

Katelyn Smith, staff writer

Halloween. The time of year where it’s appropriate for girls to go out wearing bikini’s.

Each year the Halloween costumes get trashier and trashier. Women and girls always get chewed out and yelled at for dressing like “sluts” or “whores.” People could debate that it’s Halloween, and they should be allowed to dress the way they want. That is a valid point, but keep in mind the kids trick-or-treating. Let’s be honest, they’re just out there to go to random strangers’ houses to get candy. Then go home. Let alone do they want to see women and teenage girls dressed in inappropriate clothing. Teenage girls and women nowadays have plenty of issues trying to find the right costume. It’s almost impossible to go for an old classy Disney princess, because it’s so obscene.

Put yourself in the shoes of a parent, or a kid. Halloween is a time for fun, and silly costumes. This is a fun holiday to share with family and friends. Not the annual, “who can wear the trashiest costume” awards.