Is he your ideal boyfriend

Julia Segebarth, Staff Writer

As your best friend runs your way, balling her eyes out, you already know exactly what she’s going to say.

“Why do I always choose the wrong guy?”

Her ‘one and only true love’ has once again cheated on her, but the only comfort given to her is a hug and a few apologies. For a short while, this may relieve her pain but it doesn’t answer her question. Why can girls never find the Prince Charming that they’ve been waiting so anxiously for?

Ladies, it isn’t only the guy’s fault you can’t seem to find your perfect match. Remember, in order to find your ideal man, you must first become open minded. Try to find qualities in a man that makes you want to grow old with this person. Even though that sounds completely ridiculous, it will really help to determine whether or not he is a compassionate man.

Look for the good and bad qualities in a man in order to decipher if you can handle both. Don’t be selfish by just looking at appearances, even though it is a huge advantage to a guy. Make sure to ask questions that really matter. Does he respect you? Does his personality complement yours? Do you enjoy being around him? Is he comfortable with you and vice versa? Is he only interested in sexual infatuation? Can you handle his bad habits and regretful past? Do his pros overweigh the cons? Can you accept his bad qualities? Can he accept yours?

If you are unsure of the answer, then remember to keep an open mind and take chances. Nobody in this world is perfect, but both partners need to understand and accept the good and bad traits in each other. Conquering love is not as easy as those lovey-dovey couples in high school make it seem. Just remember that they aren’t flawless; they just compromise and put equal effort into the relationship