Progress calls for bipartisanship, compromise

Lindsey Buck, Editor in Chief

An Indian woman is raped and killed by six men on a bus. Mohammed Morsi declares his temporary dictatorship over Egypt. Achminejad names Israel a “cancerous” tumor that must be destroyed. A hurricane sweeps disaster across a strong country that fails to fund homeless, disaster stricken human beings. Adam Lanza crushes a community, killing 20 school children and 8 others, including himself.

The headlines and stories make this picture clearer every day: our world is shattered. We are not progressive; we are not willing to meet in the middle; we are not changing. We are still racist, segregated, hateful, lazy, and ultimately, disastrous.

With a middle east that is torn apart by hatred for women, terrorist groups that attack freedom, and an ever-present lack of democracy, America stands as one of the only lasting examples and idols to all other foreign countries. We are the “imperium in imperio.”

However, with trillions of dollars of debt, a failing healthcare system, and a crisis over whether the mass murder of children deserves any attention, we are not what others glorify us as. In fact, we are much the opposite.

Rather than a nation of many sovereigns within a sovereign, we are a nation of many complainers within a government that is an enormous, corrupt complainer.

We press for action amid hardships, but go no further than to write an opinion piece in our local newspaper. We write laws, but they do not pass. We gather meetings, but we do not gain support.

Our system is a failure; we’ve become immune to change. While other countries provide education, healthcare, and safety for their citizens, we watch as our citizens die. We are a disgrace; we are the uncivilized of the civilized.

Our country and the future of this world cries and weeps for action more than it ever has. We have a chance to meet this call with real, tangible deeds, but we must take the right steps.

Involvement is the only chance. Real citizens, campaigning for their beliefs. Long nights, knocks on doors. Fliers, voter registration papers, advocacy groups.

The real answer to all of this is a call from the American people for bipartisanship. It’s easy to knock on doors for your anti-raising-the-debt-ceiling cause. It’s simple to ask for a pro-gay marriage vote. You won’t experience frustration from rioting with the NRA or rioting with Gabriel Lanz.

However, you will experience frustration when your plan to raise taxes on families who earn $250,000 or more shifts to families who earn $450,000 or more.

Frustration is beautiful. It is what we need in this country. Because, with frustration comes compromise. Giving a little is the only way that this country can move forward.

Demand progress, because if you don’t, no one will. Compromise. Dare to say the “c” word.