Senior wishes her classmates well upon graduation

Emily Shaulis

“It’s the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.”

–          A quote from the movie Remember the Daze.

I’d like to say congrats to the Class of 2013. You made it to this point and on Saturday, June 1, we should all be proud to call ourselves graduates of C.M. Russell High School. This is where our future begins and what you make of it is your choice.

But who says we need to decide what our future will be like right away. The future isn’t meant to be planned. It’s the future and no one is supposed to know what it holds.

My advice is to take time, live life, and be happy. Don’t rush through life wondering what’s next. Things will happen and life will go on as it should.

I personally don’t have a clue what to do next with my life. But I’m OK with that. I believe things happen for a reason and life is unexpected. I’ve spent my whole life planning things and I’ve had enough. I’ve learned that if you just let things be and don’t try to push them that everything will turn out as they should.

So, I’m saying to you, Class of 2013, live life fully, be happy, and take your time. You’ve got your whole lives in front of you. Live it well.