The terrible awful deadly truth about caffeine

Everyday teenagers intake a fine white addictive powder. No, not cocaine, but caffeine.

Next time you are at a Starbucks, or at a restaurant, stop and think about what you are ingesting in to your chemically susceptible body. In your brain you are constantly releasing a steady flow of adenosine.

Although chemically similar to caffeine, adenosine slows down the cells movements and reactions causing a feeling of sleepiness, calmness, and toning of the circadian rhythm.  Caffeine inhibits the flow of adenosine in the body by blocking all of the cells receptors responsible for adenosine.

After the caffeine has worn off the body is hit with a massive burst of pent up adenosine causing intense migraines, stomach aches, back pain, and dehydration. The only way to feel normal again is by drinking more caffeine.

This vicious cycle is similar to those addicted to drugs.  A mental dependence arises and caffeine becomes a necessity in day to day life.  There is a reason why younger kids don’t like coffee, it is because they are not dependent on caffeine which prevents the coffee from tasting good.

As we get older we associate the taste of coffee with caffeine, which we associate with feeling good.  This leads to an addiction similar to methamphetamines.

So next time you order a tall cup of brown liquid addiction remember what you’re doing to your body.