Music, books, movies provide new experiences to those who need it

Have you ever listened to a song, or read a book or watched a movie that has changed your life? Has there ever been anything so inspiring to you that you felt that you had to share it with the world?

I have.

And I think that it is important that people find those things that can take them away from their problems, if only for the 3 minute song or one chapter of that book, or the 1 and a half of that movie.

While it is important that we stay focused, and don’t get distracted by these things, it is also important that we have them.

As people, especially high schoolers, there is a lot of stress and drama that surrounds our lives, and we will go crazy if we don’t, at least once in a while find an escape from it.

That’s why I challenge you to like something, become passionate about something, realize that if it makes you smile of laugh, even if only for 30 seconds, that you should cherish it.

For so many people depression and anxiety rules their lives, and while I don’t have a cure for you, I know, first-hand the power of a good song, book or movie.