Embrace everyone’s eccentricity, individualism

It’s time for change.

It’s time for an end to judgment of any kind toward anyone.

As human beings we are all individuals. We declare our individualism by expressing our freedoms. And in those freedoms, though they may not be stated in the First Amendment, we find the freedom to be ourselves. A freedom to say that we are who we are and we won’t be accepted for any less.

I’m talking about the freedom to be different. In a society that claims to value the individual, we instead hate, bully and  discriminate against anyone who shows the slightest inclination to be themselves.

Instead, I feel, we should celebrate everyone’s eccentricity.

Let’s celebrate the individual. The artist. The rebel. The one who decides to be different because being that happy within yourself is something to truly value.

I’ve heard from many people that everyone who tries to be different is just being the same.

Those people are wrong.

Instead of sitting around criticizing others who desire to be different, those people should stop “being the same” as everyone else and judging others who are comfortable enough in their own skin to be who they are.

Too many people let others get in the way of their happiness. Stop worrying about what people will think about you and just do whatever makes you happy. Unless,  of course, that involves something like setting fires. That’s just weird, and you should probably talk to someone about that.

I’m not saying I don’t judge. I’m not saying I am perfect. I’m just saying that I am ready for a change. I’m ready for something different. I am ready to meet and understand people for who they really are.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Make someone laugh or smile. Wave at someone new. Just do something to make someone happy because you’ll probably feel a lot better about yourself. Then, by showing that little bit of consideration and kindness, you’ll  in turn make someone else’s heart smile.

Let’s all show little more kindness, care and love toward each other by accepting one another’s flaws and little quirks because we’re all a little weird.