Newspaper Reporter: more than a title

For the last week, every time I have gotten on, the top story has been something to do with Flight 370. From the beginning, it has been a huge story, but not in the way that other stories are.

This ongoing story has been full of a lot of false information, conspiracy theories, and media backtracking.

Reporters have had only the information available to them to report, and they are unable to check facts like I would if I were writing a story. This has shown me how big a reporter’s job is, and how their words (whether written or spoken) have such a huge impact on others.

The media’s coverage of the flight has shown me the important job that a reporter does. Whether you get your news from Twitter, online, a traditional newspaper, or television, somewhere a reporter has done his or her research and has made the news accessible to you.

I enjoy writing for the Stampede because it is my chance to inform others and make an impact on the student body.

In my three years on staff I have written a multitude of stories and designed a number of pages. I love knowing that my work, like the work of other reporters, informs, entertains, and serves a purpose.

As I prepare to graduate, it makes me happy knowing that the words I once wrote have forever added to the mass of great work coming out of this school.