Teaching isn’t just a profession

Teaching is more than an occupation. It’s more than a job. It’s more than something that takes up your time.

Being a teacher requires some amount of emotional ties to people. In choosing go to school for this career, the people who become involved in this profession value creating and teaching the next generation.

In doing so, teachers must not only teach English, math and science but teach their students values. Teachers are creating the next group of human beings. They are supposed to show us students how to live and work in the real world.

However, I feel like with a few teachers at CMR this isn’t the case.

They are here for the paycheck not because they authentically care about the students they see every day.

How do I see this? Or why?

I see this when in a school and a district that preaches constantly about the awful things that come from bulling and being unkind, teachers bully their students.

Jokes are okay. Laughter in the classroom is okay. However, making fun of student, even if that student is okay with it, to the point that the other students are hurt by what you are saying isn’t OK.

So not only students but teachers need to understand that school is a place for safety and kindness not for hurting and humiliation. Teaching isn’t just a profession.