EDITORIAL: Winter weather warrants warnings


Let’s be blunt. When it snows, our parking is garbage.
The snow represents the coming of winter and all its sports, pastimes, and snow-covered parking lots.
It is important to keep in mind that all of the lots are one-way directional, meaning that the direction that cars face alternate direction between southeast and northeast.
For students who take zero period classes, we implore you to set a good example and park as accurately as possible so that our straightaways do not slither like a snake in the grass.
Since the the actions of a few will affect the outcome of many, it would just be helpful.
For those who opted out of 7 a.m. classes this year, allow us to share a piece of advice. One of the best places to start parking is by the light poles.
If we were to base our parking from those points, then the lot would be less cluttered. But enough strategizing. The roads are dangerous and it’s cold out there.
We would like to remind each and every one of our readers to slow down on the roads and err on the side of caution.
It is fairly common for vehicles to either skid when coming to a stop or to burn out when accelerating from a stop. Be wary of those kinds of drivers and do your best to avoid conflict by speeding up or slowing down gradually, especially if you drive a car that does not have four-wheel drive.
Lastly, bundle up. The freezing temperatures can be harmful to your outer appendages.
Wear gloves and hats to keep them shrouded from the cold.
We feel that winter can be fun but also dangerous. Be extra careful behind the wheel.
CMR: A better place to learn and teach, where snow leads to bad parking.