Same-sex marriage trumps religion

Same-sex marriage is legal here in Montana along with 35 other states with the recent legalization coming from Florida.
Just months ago a Federal judge in Great Falls made the right decision to not even hear the case and just legalize same-sex marriage immediately. Since then, hundreds of same-sex couples have gone out and received state-issued marriage licenses.
There is no legitimate argument for the banning of same-sex marriage. Religious groups can easily  push their agendas on powerful politicians.
To be fair, the Catholic Church is evolving in this subject matter. The Pope is much more willing to accept homosexuals.
Most religions, though, will not change their ways and will continue to fall behind in the wave of societal progress and be forgotten.
America is a nation of freedom. Finally, homosexuals are getting rights that have long been taken away from them because of the Religious Empire. Thank God, people are finally opening their eyes to what is right, not what is holy.