New year, no change

The constant thought of change runs through the minds of us all, every day. We want so much but are not willing to do things that will make the change.
With the new year coming around, we have all made pledges to ourselves for some difference that we will try to make, but only give up a month or so later. This may not be true for all of us, as some of us are able to make changes in our life styles that we know we will benefit from.
I had made the pledge to myself that I would always eat healthy and that I would spend more time with family. Only two days later I found myself eating cookies at dinner and downing yet another Dr. Pepper. What makes it so hard to sit down and really make sure we follow the rules that we have set for ourselves?
It can often be heard that our generation is slowly falling apart and that we will only be known as the kids who would rather download 50 apps and let our brains slowly rot away by staring at a screen instead of going outside with a friend to talk and hangout.
Children, teenagers, and adults all need to step up and do things that we know will benefit us later on. We need to focus on things that will help us in the future not make us happy and feel good for the few hours we are doing something unhealthy, meaningless, etc.
If we pay attention to how we are spending our time and actually try to make our lives better then we all may be known as the generation of change, not the generation of disappointment.