Promposals: are they worth it?

Being a senior I have been able to go to four years of proms. I have had dates and I haven’t, but either way my prom experience has been great. But the best thing about prom for me was being able to have a great night with my friends. Prom for me isn’t about if I have a date or where I go to dinner; it is about spending time with my friends and having fun.
But if I do have a date, I feel incredibly bad if they spend a ton of money on me. I would rather make sure my date has as much fun as they can, while we split the bill. I do not think that we need a limo or dinner at Dante’s. We can drive there in our own cars; whoever has the most gas is fine, and if we go to dinner at somewhere like Boston’s we save money.
Now, I will spend money on things like my dress, nails, and hair.
Prom should be more about having fun than getting a date. If there is anything I have learned it is the fact that even though I haven’t had a date every year, it has cost me less money, and I do not feel as if I am then obligated to spend time with my date; my dates are all my friends.