Late nite memories

It’s normally a phenomenon if any somewhat famous musician comes to Montana. When it’s Great Falls, that’s a miracle.
On Monday I met one of my favorite YouTube bands. As I was driving to the Black Eagle Community Center my heart was beating out of my chest. My inner fangirl came out as the door was slowly opened to reveal Late Nite Reading, a band based in Indiana. The pop punk band consists of Dalton Wixom (lead vocalist), Clayton Collins (lead guitar and back up vocalist), and Brady Szuhaj (bassist).
I’ve spent the last four years of my life listening to them, and seeing them in person was surreal. Listening to them play live sent shivers down my spine. From dancing the robot to taking stupid selfies, the night went by quickly.
After it was all said and done the hugging commenced. I hugged Dalton and Brady and decided to leave. Sitting in my car, my friend Katelyn and I realized that we had not hugged one of the members. With a burst of confidence I ran out into the freezing cold. The happiness that crossed his face when we rushed through the door will always be in my memory. He was surprised to see that we were back. Being out of breath I was able to utter an explanation on how I forgot to say goodbye. The hug that followed lasted for a good three minutes.
Bands normally don’t come to Great Falls, and being able to meet one that I have listened to for four years was crazy. It’s one of those concerts that I will never forget.