The “Slushy Queen” prepares for the season

Basketball season is almost upon us, CMR. I don’t know about any of you, but it’s my favorite sports season. Mainly because of the concessions.

And I don’t mean I eat everything I possibly can from the concessions booths. I mean working concessions. Volunteering for five hours a night, three nights a week, is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

For those of us in Key Club, concessions means everything to us. We run one of the booths here at the school when games take place and we’re famous for our popcorn and slushies.

My freshman year I earned the nickname, “The Slushie Queen,” because no matter what, you can always find me working those machines. Not only does it bring me happiness to see a kid’s eyes light up when they get their sugary drink, it just makes me feel good to know that all of the money we collect goes into supporting Key Club.

We work hard to raise money because it helps us fund a lot of our events. For example, we always do a barbecue for the teachers after parent/teacher conferences. We buy all the food. We donate to multiple organizations, and volunteer as much as we can. So, if sitting in a small oven with seven other kids, sweating to death for five hours is what it takes, I’m all for it.

What I’m looking forward to most in this upcoming season, though, is the look on people’s faces when they see us. There’s usually five of us teenagers in the booth, along with our advisor, and people are always shocked. They’re amazed that teenagers, of all people, are willing to put up with intense heat, screaming crowds, and broken slushie machines, all with smiles on our faces. And I can’t say it enough, but all of that sweat and noise and heat is what I live for. It makes me feel alive. So stop on by, and come visit me, The Slushie Queen. You’re in for a treat.